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Set ShakleeBaby

Set Shakleebaby™
Selamat • Lembut • Organik
Kod Produk: S30110

Set ShakleeBaby

Shakleebaby™ memahami keperluan bayi anda dan hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan yang SELAMAT, LEMBUT dan ORGANIK untuk menghasilkan produk penjagaan kulit terbaik untuk si manja anda.

Keistimewaan Shaklee

ShakleeBaby Gentle Wash

Set ShakleeBaby Soothing Lotion

Set ShakleeBaby Massage Oil

Kod Produk: S30110

Ensure your baby is not too hungry or too full. Warm the room and ensure the lighting is not too bright.




Pour some Shakleebaby™ Massage Oil in your hands and wrap your hands around the thighs and pull down, squeezing gently. Switch legs and repeat.




Take one foot and gently rotate it a few times in each direction. Use your thumbs to trace circles at the soles of the foot. Switch foot and repeat.




Grab each toe in between your thumb and forefinger. Gently pull until your fingers slip off the end. Do this for all toes.




Wrap your hands around the arms and pull down from the armpit to the wrist, squeezing gently. Rotate the wrist a few times in each direction. Switch arms and repeat.



Use your thumbs to trace circles at the palm of each hand. Then, gently take a finger in between your thumb and forefinger. Gently pull until your fingers slip through your grasp. Do this for all fingers.



Put your hands together in a prayer position over your baby’s heart. Stroke your hands outward and lightly flatten your palms down over your baby’s  chest. Repeat several times. Then, place one hand flat across the top of your baby’s chest. Stroke it gently down your baby’s thighs. Repeat with alternating hands, several times.


Use your fingertips to trace tiny circles on either side of the spine from the neck down to the buttocks. Then, finish the massage with some long, firm strokes from your baby’s shoulders all the way to the feet.



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